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About Us

Zivel , a Czech word meaning ‘ The Elements’ - Earth , Fire, Wind , Water and Ether.We believe that each element represents a different aspect of our lives, and when combined, create a perfect balance. Our brand logo represents the 5 elements, with each point representing one of the elements.

Whether it’s the fire of passion, the water of emotions, the earth of strength, the wind of change, or the ether of space, each piece of jewelry is designed to resonate with you. It’s a way to express yourself, and to connect with the world around you

Backed by two generations of experience and in-depth knowledge of craftsmanship, our creativity transcends traditional design and manufacturing techniques , focussing on Innovative Design

From the very first sketch to the final piece, each Zivel jewel is a work of art, made with the highest quality materials. All our Diamonds , Gemstones and precious metals are ethically sourced.Our collections are diverse, yet united by a common thread of modernity and sophistication. Our designs are simple, yet elegant and can be worn for any occasion. Our bespoke services ensure whether it’s an engagement ring or a pair of earrings, we work closely with our clients to create something that is truly one-of-a-kind

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our brand. We hope that you will find something special and unique that you will enjoy wearing!


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